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prepare for the zombie apocalypse

Welcome and thanks for visiting Zombie Hustle!

Recent successes of zombie fiction have finally given me the “kick start” that I needed to put my own stories on paper. For many years, I have been fascinated with several fiction genres including zombies, vampires, apocalypse, and other sci-fi thus was born.

I intend continue the chronicles of the zombie war survivors and their experiences.

All stories on this website are 100% original and written by me. I hope you enjoy them.

As I have been becoming more interested in apocalypse preparation, this aspect will be creeping into my work. Soon my zombie apocalypse novels will be published in print and electronic form, so stay tuned.

Thanks again for visiting and please enjoy the zombie hustlin!

Check out my growing list of recommended survival gear for your
“zombie apocalypse survival kit.”

Don’t get caught unprepared!

-Johnnie Zombie

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